Cable Car Museum – Wellington New Zealand

The city of Wellington’s world renowned travel based Cable Car Museum is now well established as a major New Zealand tourism attraction it recently won the National Tourism Industry Award for the second time making it a certified national heritage attraction.

The award was made under the category of Cultural and Heritage attractions for the second year running. What makes the award even more outstanding is that the museum has only entered the competition twice and has come out in front on both occasions

Opened in 2000 under the brother of the Wellington Museums Trust it now attracts nearly quarter of a million eager visitors each summer of those over 70% are foreign tourists.

Since 2000, they have already added a large extension to the building in order to double its floor area offering even more opportunities to climb on board rare and exotic cable cars including a 1904 model grip cable car one of the few remaining examples left in the world.

The museum is located at the top end of the cable car line at 1 Upland Road and is open from the beginning of November until the end of April from 9.30 to 5.30 each day. From May 1 on sale October 31 the opening hours are 9.30 to 5.00

Wellington has a wealth of other interesting museums and galleries as well as many other places of interest that can help bring fun and education to a visit to this cosmopolitan New Zealand city, with its surrounding countryside offering a spectacular view of what the real New Zealand has to offer visitors

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